Fundraiser Incentive Ideas: Fun Prizes To Boost Student Participation

Virtual craft lessons, however, are a great way to pass a rainy, socially distanced afternoon. Work with artistic parents and/or local business owners to host a series of craft lessons. Beforehand, send out a list of supplies and direct everyone to your fundraising page. We have faith that these church fundraising ideas will provide some inspiration for any generous congregation—even when they can’t gather in person.
Our school fundraising program teaches teens how to talk to others and raise money for something they believe in. Furthermore, this can be a life changer for some teenagers. It can open a door of public service and in making a difference in their community.
For example, $100 buys a scoop of ice cream, and to add sprinkles the students have to raise $150. You’ll need to choose a text-to-give provider that offers all of the features you’re looking for. From there, it’s all about promoting your text-to-give option to your supporters! Post your text-to-give number and short code on promotional materials and mention it in your communications.
Your elementary students work on a ton of big projects and need the right supplies for the job. A 6 pack of felt tip markers is bound to come in handy for it all, from solar system dioramas to giant poster boards. Partner with local masseuses, estheticians, and hairstylists after you secure a sheltered location. Your families will love competing with each other to secure the prizes – and your school will be the ultimate winner.
Good ideas include your hairdresser, mailman, teachers, coaches, and family friends. If you are looking for more ideas, we have this mega guide of 100+ fundraising ideas for nonprofits. easy school fundraisers with nonprofits on selling candles and sharing the profit.