How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPads Screen on Your Windows PC

Also worth noting is the fact that there are a number of apps available from AirBeamTV that can do this, depending on which receiving device you want to use. Oddly, there are Mirror to PC and Mirror to Mac apps, both priced at $4.99, that appear to do exactly the same thing. Keep that in mind before buying both – you really don’t need to.
You’ll also be asked to grant Replica access to your local network to scan for devices to connect to. You don’t need to hit “OK,” but if you want to use other features in Replica, such as regular screen mirroring using AirPlay or Google Cast, you’ll need to give it access. After a few seconds, you may see a list of your devices that you can then connect to. The Airplay protocol that powers the screen mirroring feature requires Wi-Fi to function. And to project your screen, you need to connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, Smart TV, or any AirPlay-compatible devices you are mirroring to.
Best free Screen Mirroring App launched Intel Unison app poses itself as a novel way to bridge the gap between your PC and smartphone. What makes it better than Microsoft’s Phone Link app is that it can connect with Android as well as iOS devices. Thus, you can control your iPhone from a Windows PC. However, the Intel Unison app only works with Windows 11 PCs. Facilitates streaming in-app displays as well as supporting audio conferencing. However, selecting the right tool becomes very important to ensure that the phone screen is mirrored quickly and without any buffering and glitches. The content below will help you learn about the best tools to mirror your iOS or Android phone to a PC.
Click the “Stop” button when you finish mirroring the iPhone/iPad/iPod screen. Make sure the iPhone and your PC share the same wireless network. You can use a third-party app to mirror your iPhone to your TV, but you should be sure that it’s coming from a reliable source. Better options are AirPlay or a VGA adapter that works with your phone’s charging cable. You can also use Apple’s first-party FaceTime service to share an iPhone’s screen.
It is not possible to mirror iPhone to PC without software. However, you can use AirDroid Cast Web, which enables you to mirror your iPhone to any browser, and then you do not need to download any software on your PC. This feature is great for remote teaching and meetings because it allows you to show your colleagues a large screen without the need for a projector. Reflector 2 allows you to Screen Mirror Wirelessly mirror multiple devices.
Allows managing social media apps and playing games on PC without any delay or buffering, like Snapchat or PUBG Mobile. Your smartphone can be easily controlled using the big screen of your system. Sometimes, you just want to see what’s on your smartphone on a bigger screen.
In addition to mirroring, it allows recording any mirroring device. In addition to AirPlay, Reflector 3 can also be used to connect to devices running Miracast or Google Cast. The trial version is available for 7 days while the paid version costs $14.99. AnyDesk is another tool that you can use to display and control your mobile phone’s screen to another external screen like your PC and TV. It offers a high frame with a very stable mirroring experience. Moreover, AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.
Student – Distance Learning Enable students to access and engage with quality educational content. You cannot mirror iPhone to PC via Bluetooth only. For that, you will need AirPlay, AirServer, or any other third-party application.