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Verbs like “rebut” or “refute” or like “fail” can imply an editorial judgment and are best avoided. Thinking about language can only improve our writing and our journalism. All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the reputation of Reuters retains its high standing with whomever we come into contact. As a member of the Reuters team, you are expected to accept certain responsibilities, adhere to acceptable professional standards in matters of personal conduct, and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity at all times. When operating outside of your home country, you must also have due regard for all local laws and act with appropriate respect for local culture and customs. Interview subjects or their organisations or companies sometimes ask to see the quotes we plan to publish or broadcast before they are issued.
We must avoid not only impropriety but also any appearance of impropriety. Insider trading and tipping are also criminal offences in many countries and carry heavy penalties. Insider trading is the buying or selling of the securities of any company while in possession of material, non-public information about it.
When your e-Edition is ready to be read, we send you a reminder email each day letting you know. The areas top boating and fishing news will be delivered to you email every Thursday morning. According to the press release, leaks are the biggest water waster, both inside and outside of your home. • Use the shortest clothes washing cycle for lightly soiled loads; normal and permanent-press wash cycles use more water. The water management district passed along 10 tips for lowering your bill and saving water that is badly need.
Isabelle Roughol was previously international editorial director at LinkedIn, where she led the global expansion of the platform’s news products and editorial team. Before joining LinkedIn, Isabelle was a foreign editor at Le Figaro in Paris and reporter at The Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh. She launched the New York Times weekly international edition within Le Figaro and helped start LinkedIn’s global editorial product line, including its first newsletter. She is also the founder and host of Borderline, a podcast about lives lived across borders. news article editorial sits at the intersection of the editorial and business sides of our team, spanning editorial, product, technology, partnerships and revenue. Ms. Erhaim is a Syrian journalist and freedom of expression advocate.
23% of consumers, who used websites or apps for news, used The Guardian, which also hosts The Observer online content.[when? In itself, the built environment is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the performance of buildings depends on the climate they are exposed to.